Air Conditioner, BYTF-5.0FR,

  • Explosion-proof air conditioner
  • 220~240 V a.c 50 Hz,
  • Model: BYTF-5.0FR,
  • IECEx certified.
  • Cooling/heating capacity: 6/5.5 AC220~240V 50Hz
  • Split wall-mounted type with the indoor unit and the outdoor unit’s whole assembly.
  • For zone 1,2. explosive gases, vapor, and air in Group IIA, IIB, T1~T4
  • Standard conformity: EC60079-0,1,2,11,18.


For Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas where explosive mixture of group IIA, IIB, T1~T4 gases, vapor and air may exist for air conditioning and pressurized space maintain.

For places where have flammable and explosive gas instrument control room, laboratory, measurement room, analysis room.,etc. in industrial area in petroleum&natural gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

Standard conformity: EC60079-0: 2011, IEC60079-1: 2014, IEC 60079-2: 2014, IEC60079-11: 2011, IEC60079-18: 2014.

Housing material is stainless steel,anti corrosion and better weatherproof performance.carbon steel optional.

Ex marking: Ex IIB T4 Gb

Technical Features

1) This air conditioner unit consists of the indoor and outdoor unit, the two part are connected by cables and refrigerating pipelines.

2) Enclosure is made of Q235A(or SUS304/SUS316) with thickness δmin:1.5mm. The surface shall be coated with spraying plastics(≤0.5mm) if the enclosure is made of Q235A.

3) Protective shield shall be provided for air inlet and outlet, IP code of fresh air inlet shall be no less than IP 20, outlet shall be no less than IP10.

Technical Parameters

Name IECEx Rated Explosion-proof Air Condition Unit
Model BYTF-5.0FR
Voltage AC220~240V
Frequency 50Hz
Refrigerating capacity KW 6
Heating capacity KW 6.6
Air volume m3/h 900
Total input power KW 2.1
Refrigerant/amount kg R134a /1.8
IP code (electric part) IP55
Ambient temp. °C -10~+55 cooling: +18~+55,heating: -10~+18
Indoor unit dimension  (mm) L920×W300×H450
Outdoor unit dimension L960×W470×H800
Ex marking Ex IIB T4 Gb