Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Mud Processing

Having effective solids control equipment is very important for any oilfield. Without having proper solids control, drills can encounter a variety of problems. When low gravity solids start to build up, the borehole can become ineffective for drilling, rods can get stuck, and the penetration that a drill will reach becomes much less effective and [...]

Drilling Cuttings Disposal Method and System

During the drilling process, drills will send particles and drilling liquid (also known as mud) to the surface. These solid particles are known as cuttings and when they first arrive at the surface of your drilling site will be mixed in the mud. With solids control equipment, the used mud can be separated from the [...]

Sand Trap In Solids Control System

What is sand trap? Solids Control system including solids control equipment and mud tanks. Mud tank is divided into several compartments depending on working requirement and sand trap is one of the compartments. Sand Trap Compartment Function A sand trap is the settling compartment located downstream of the shale shakers. It should be the only [...]

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Shaker Screen Meshes

Selecting the right shaker screens is critical during the use of shale shaker. Firstly, be clear about what material to be screened, then choose the right mesh screen that meet the screening purpose according to the particle sizes. Screen mesh is not the number of sieve pore. The parameter describing a screen includes mesh, wire [...]

How many types of shaker screens?

There are numerous shale shakers fabricated by different solids control equipment suppliers. The screens come with the shaker are usually different in either dimension or screen structure. In order to choose the right screens suitable to the existing shakers, a general knowledge of screen types is required. Flat Screen VS Pyramid Screen Flat Screen (PWP) [...]

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