The specially designed drilling mud hydrocyclone units are primarily used for the removal of sand-size and silt-size particles from returned drilling fluids. Abrasion resistance polyurethane hydrocyclones are applied to the unit. The unit can be standalone for use or assembled above our shale shaker through pre-designed connectors. The number of desander and desilter cones is customizable according to the real conditions.

10″ drilling mud desander cone

Sand-size solids removal (40 ~ 100 microns)
100% polyurethane hydrocyclone
500 gpm per cone at 75 feet of head
A flexible fast connection is available for the user to assemble
Compact design, small footprint

4″ drilling mud desilter cone

Silt-sized solids removal (12 ~ 74 microns)
100% polyurethane hydrocyclone
80 gpm per cone at 75 feet of head
Variable-size apex inserts
A flexible fast connection is available for the user to assemble

Desander Desilter Hydrocyclones Assembly

Desander Hydrocyclones Assembly

Desander Unit

Desilter Hydrocyclones

Desilter Unit

10inch Desander Cone

10″ Desander Cone

Derrick Type

4 inch Desilter Cone Assy (Polyurethane)

4 inch Desilter Cone Assy

Derrick Type

Assembled to Shale Shaker

The standalone desander/desilter hydrocyclone unit can be assembled above linear motion shale shaker to recycle the useful drilling fluids from hydrocyclone underflow screening by fine mesh screens. Mud cleaner which combines desander, desilter and dewatering shale shaker in one unit is often used in nowadays drilling applications.

Please contact us for more details about the hydrocyclone units that most suits your conditions.