Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner is a combination of desander, desilter and dewatering shale shaker. It is a compact design, small footprint, three in one unit widely accepted by nowadays drilling contractors.  It is often installed after the shale shakers where the sand trap drilling mud feeds into the desanders and desiters respectively, the underflow of hydrocyclones loads onto the dewatering screens for recycling the usefully drilling fluids back to the mud system. The drilled cuttings above the screens are therefore dried which lowers drilling cuttings disposal cost.

Technical Specifications
Capacity (m3/h)120240240360
Desander Cone Size (inch)10″10″10″10″
Number of desnader cone (pcs)1223
Desilter Cone Size (inch)4″4″4″4″
Number of desilter cone (pcs)8121216
Working Pressure(Mpa)0.25-0.40.25-0.40.25-0.40.25-0.4
Bottom ShakerKAZS113KAZS113KAZS114KAZS114
Dimension LxWxH(mm)2045x1893x22002045x1893x22002640x1893x22002640x1893x2200
Mud Cleaners Features

The number of the desaner and desitler cones is customized to  the drilling circulation system mud flow. And our shaker unit can easily fit in with the hyrocyclones assembly. Please contact us and our sales representative will give you an optimum solution for your system.