Mud Gun for Mud Tank

Mud Gun for mud tank in the solids control system is a bottom jet spray device, the mud guns are designed to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks. They often work with mud agitators to prevent solids from settling and accumulating in the mud tank system. Mud guns are placed in the corners of the mud tank and mud agitators in the center.

The number of mud guns used in the mud tank system depends on the size of the tank. There is usually a 2’ or 3’ mud gun line around the mud tank top to supply the mud to the mud guns. Therefore, mud guns can be used to transfer mud from tank to tank or from compartment to compartment.

Mud guns can be fixed with mud gun lines or are rotatable from the tank cover with a handle. The rotary mud guns allow the operator to optimize the mud guns’ performance by navigating the jet nozzles in different directions.

  • mud gun for mud tank
  • mud gun for mud tank

Technical Parameter of mud gun for mud tank

Model NJQ50-3G NJQ50-3X NJQ80-3G NJQ80-3X
Shaft Diameter (Inch) 2 2 3 3
Rotation Angle (degree) N/A 0°~120° N/A 0°~120°
Inlet Connection (Inch) G2″ G3″ G2″ G3″
Working Pressure (Mpa) ≤6.4 ≤6.4 ≤6.4 ≤6.4
Number of Nozzles (ea) 3 3 3 3