Mud Tank Union – Hammerseal Union Kemper

Mud Tank Union is a kind of Hammer Union with nitrile seal O-ring, specially designed for quick joins and rapid removals of drilling mud pipelines in oilfield mud tank systems, such as pump suction lines, mud mixing lines, water lines, etc. Even if the mud tanks are not aligning perfectly, Hammerseal Unions make up a tight for a non-leak seal.

Hammerseal Union is also widely used for lower pressure, large diameter, big misalignment pipelines, and frequent disassembly pipeline connections. Due to the excellent performance of the mud tank union, the large dislocation does not affect the connection and disassembly of the pipeline. Sealing, which meets the special requirements of rapid installation and disassembly on-site, is of great significance for reducing the labor intensity of workers and shortening the good construction period. It is an upgraded product of the Air O Unions.

Structure Design


The externally threaded female portion of the union welds to a stub of pipe at the tank wall. The connecting pipe extends through the nut, the macro o-ring, and then into the female. When the internally threaded nut hammers tight onto the female, the o-ring compresses into a “D” square cross-section; this seals fluid pressures up to 150 psi against the outside diameter of the connecting pipe, ideally for the solids control system.

mud tank unions

Mud Tank Union – Complete Set

hammerseal union

Hammerseal Union – Large

mud tank hanmmerseal union installation

Mud Tank Hammerseal Union Installation

Mud Tank Union Sizes

Item A B C D Weight
(clearance radius) (outside diameter) (end to face) (socket weld depth) (kg)
6″ 6.25″/159mm 7.88″/200mm 4.38″/111mm 0.38″/9.5mm 10
8″ 7.5″/191mm 9.88″/251mm 4.38″/111mm 0.38″/9.5mm 14
10″ 8.5″/216mm 11.88″/302mm 4.52″/115mm 0.38″/9.5mm 16.8
12″ 9.75″/248mm 14″/356mm 4.52″/115mm 0.38″/9.5mm 22.7

Welding Requirement:  ●   6″, 8″,10″ – socket welding or butt welding          ●   12″ – butt welding only

Hammerseal Union Features

  • Molded Macro nitrile O-ring seal provides a compression seal

  • Quickly connects or disconnects mud tanks with just a hammer

  • Mud tank union accepts up to 7° pipe misalignment

  • Medium available: drilling mud, oil, water, slurry, etc.

  • Medium temperature: 0°C~90°C

  • Ambient temperature: -30°C~50°C

  • Mud tank hammer seal unions are manufactured for a maximum line pressure of 150 PSI.

  • Mud Tank Union - Hammerseal Union
  • Mud Tank Union - Hammerseal Union
  • Mud Tank Union - Hammerseal Union O Ring