Drilling Fluid Dewatering System for Closed Loop System

To leave an environmentally safe site to the oil well drilling area is becoming serious in most countries, therefore, drilling fluid dewatering system is introduced in nowadays oil well drilling. Our engineering designed portable, fully-automated dewartering system uses chemically enhanced centrifugation techniques to separate the extra fine solids and recycle drilling muds remaining at the end of [...]

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Decanter Centrifuge Mud Recycler for Africa

Two sets of decanter centrifuge drilling mud recycler has been shipped out for an African client. Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge as an efficient fine and extra fine solids removal equipment, are widely used in the solid liquid separation applications. Especially for drilling waste management system, decanter plays an important role in recovering drilling mud losses [...]

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Cuttings Dryer Unit Delivered to Algeria

Recently, we have delivered a cuttings dryer unit for drill waste cuttings management project. It is used to reduce the liquid/oil content of the drill cuttings collected from shale shaker, desander, desliter. The liquid extracted from the cuttings will recycled and conditioned by a high speed decanter centrifuge, and flow back to the active mud [...]

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