CE Certified Mud Tank System and Vibrating Screen to Europe

H-Screening has just finished production for one set CE certified mud tank system and high frequency vibrating fine screen.  Soon after they will be sent to jobsite in Eruope. The mud tank system is for cleaning and recycling useful slurry and dewatering of the undesired solids out of the solution. It consists of coarse shaker, desander, desilter [...]

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Mini Mud Recycler for Piling Rig for Delivery to Thailand

Drilling mud recycler adopts the solids control concepts, using a compact double deck shaker and 4" hydrocylones to remove the undesired solids and recycle the usefully drilling mud for piling rig. The mud recycler can handle mud slurry with feed rate at 50 m³/h. The self-contained mud recycler consists of centrifugal pump, buffer box and [...]

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