Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor Ready to be Delivered

We are pleased to finish the production of the second batch of stainless steel screw conveyor. It includes SS 316L double screw conveyor and SS304 single shaft auger. All the units are driven by IEC approved motors coupled with heavy duty gear box. The stainless steel made screw augers have much better performance in conveying corrosive material. [...]

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Solids Control Equipment for Delivery to Middle East

A batch of solids control equipment is ready for delivery to middle east. The client is a drilling contractor with drilling service across the Middle East and Africa. Our first operation starts from drilling mud agitator, now they come to us for solids control equipment. Equipment Ordered: Customized Triple Shaker: three four panel shakers on one skid with [...]

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Single Shaft Stainless Steel Screw Conveyors to Vietnam

As per the clients required, we manufactured the single shaft screw conveyor for a Bismuth Concentrate Filter Conveyor application. The client is a famous tungsten mine producer in Vietnam, after detail technical discussion and work site arrangement, we are proud to offer the right conveyor unit to fit in the existing system. Duty / Design Life Continuous: [...]

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Cuttings Dryer Unit Delivered to Algeria

Recently, we have delivered a cuttings dryer unit for drill waste cuttings management project. It is used to reduce the liquid/oil content of the drill cuttings collected from shale shaker, desander, desliter. The liquid extracted from the cuttings will recycled and conditioned by a high speed decanter centrifuge, and flow back to the active mud [...]

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