Solids Control Equipment for Delivery to Middle East

A batch of solids control equipment is ready for delivery to middle east. The client is a drilling contractor with drilling service across the Middle East and Africa. Our first operation starts from drilling mud agitator, now they come to us for solids control equipment. Equipment Ordered: Customized Triple Shaker: three four panel shakers on one skid with [...]

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Tailings Dewatering Project Solution Exceed the Clients’ Expectation

Solid Liquid Separation Technology being used in tailings dewatering projects is a way of safe disposal to the environment. It solves a variety of environmental protection problems, particularly important for water shortage areas to recycle and reuse the water. Building a green mining site and strengthen the awareness of environmental protection is our way of life and [...]

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200gpm HDD Mud Recycling System at Jobsite

The HDD mud treatment unit has the mud recycling, fresh mud mixing and the mud storage functions. The compact design allows it to transport in one package. The recycled mud solids cut point is below 20 micron which is ready to pump back to the borehole. General Datasheet Treating Capacity 50 m³/h (200 gpm) [...]

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