The HDD mud treatment unit has the mud recycling, fresh mud mixing and the mud storage functions. The compact design allows it to transport in one package. The recycled mud solids cut point is below 20 micron which is ready to pump back to the borehole.

General Datasheet

Treating Capacity 50 m³/h (200 gpm)
Finest Cut Point 20 μm
Number of Package 1
Mud Tank Volume 9 m³
Total Power 30 kW
Total Weight 6200 KG
Phase of Solids Control 2 phases (shaker + desilter)

Equipment List

NO Description Qty
1 Desilter: KAZSN123-4N
double deck shaker with 4 ea x 4″ desilter cone assembly
2 Centrifugal Pump: KASB4x3-11J 11kW 2
3 Mud Agitator: KAJBQ055 5.5kW 1
4 Mud Hopper: KASLD20 1
5 Lighting for Mud Tank: KALZM42A 2
6 Mud Tank: 6000x2200x1450mm 1
7 Attachment for Mud Tank: OMS00 1
8 Electric Control System: CN00 1