Recently, we have delivered a cuttings dryer unit for drill waste cuttings management project. It is used to reduce the liquid/oil content of the drill cuttings collected from shale shaker, desander, desliter. The liquid extracted from the cuttings will recycled and conditioned by a high speed decanter centrifuge, and flow back to the active mud system.

The customer is a drilling contractor with operation in Algeria. The dryer unit will be used on the drilling site with the rig. The configuration of the system is consist of:

  • Screw Conveyor: to collect the cuttings from mud tank system and convey the discharge wastes
  • Cuttings Dryer: the core equipment for cuttings drying with capacity up to 30 ton per hour
  • Screw Pump: to transfer the recovered mud loss from cuttings and feed to decanter.
  • Full set of handrails, walkways, and lamb.