January 14, 2017

Two sets of decanter centrifuge drilling mud recycler has been shipped out for an African client. Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge as an efficient fine and extra fine solids removal equipment, are widely used in the solid liquid separation applications. Especially for drilling waste management system, decanter plays an important role in recovering drilling mud losses from drilling cuttings and reduce total waste for disposal.

The waste mud recovery unit consists of a VFD Decanter Centrifuge, it is able to handle mud flow at 30 m³ per hour with cut point as find as 2 micron. The unit receives cuttings dryer liquid effluent and recycle usefully drilling mud for reuse. It is equipped with necessary handrail, walkways, and lamb etc. for easy and safe access to the equipment.

As an standalone module, the centrifuge recovery system can also be placing alongside the traditional solids control system to condition the extra fine solids when necessary.