To leave an environmentally safe site to the oil well drilling area is becoming serious in most countries, therefore, drilling fluid dewatering system is introduced in nowadays oil well drilling. Our engineering designed portable, fully-automated dewartering system uses chemically enhanced centrifugation techniques to separate the extra fine solids and recycle drilling muds remaining at the end of the well. It dramatically reduces the consumption of water to make the fresh drilling mud and save much haul-off and waste disposal costs.

Configuration of the Drilling Fluid Dewatering System

  • Variable High Speed Decanter Centrifuge: operating with G force upto 3063 and rotational speed of 3900rpm.
  • Automatic Dosing System: all stainless steel construction unit with PLC control and mixing volume 1500ml. Hopper, mixer and metering etc. included.
  • Tube Mixer: efficient chemical mixing with drilling mud
  •  20ft high container, including air conditioners, doors and locks.