Polyurethane screen panel

Polyurethane screen panel

Poly urethane screen panels are mesh screening media made out of polyurethane material. H-screening also provides fine mesh polyurethane screen for high frequency vibration screen stack sizer

  • Mesh aperture design: rectangular, square, circular etc.
  • Parts for: vibrating screens
  • Industries: coal washing, coking plant, mining screening, power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical etc.

Main Features of polyurethane screen panel

  1. Excellent abrasion resistance performance and long service life
  2. Little work for maintenance, the polyurethane screen panel is heavy duty structured and hardly to be damaged under normal operation. Much time and efforts saved due to less maintenance and down time.
  3. Good wet/oil resistance performance, screen panels work well with water media and the mixture of oil. With oil content, the friction coefficient of feed material and the screen panel surface reduced, in the meanwhile avoid the adhesion of moist particles, which will reversely improve the screening efficiency, reduce abrasion and prolong the life.
  4. Corrosion resistance, nonflammable, poisonless and tasteless
  5. Professional design of mesh aperture and screen panel manufacturing technique to avoid blocking of the screen mesh even of limiting size of the particles.
  6. Vibration and sound absorbing ability to avoid loud noise and the oversize on the screen panel surface not easy to be broken during the vibrating operation.
  7. Featuring of “second vibration”, polyurethane screen panel is self-cleaning and improves the screening efficiency.
  8. Energy saving and consumption reducing, the weight of polyurethane made screen panel is dramatically reduced compared to traditional steel screen panels of the same size. It will reduce much load onto the vibration machine, power saving and prolong the life of the whole screening equipment.

Customization of polyurethane screen panel for sale

Frame,Opening,Installation style and dimensions are customizable as per the drawing or requirements.