A shear pump provides users with new equipment for quick preparation and handling of the mud, to meet user requirements for the preparation of high-performance mud. Under the intense competition in the drilling market, greatly reducing the mud preparation time, undoubtedly will bring enterprises good economic benefits. The shear pump is specially used to shear polymer and clay. It has been proved to be efficient equipment. In a mud system, polymers and clays should be sufficiently sheared and then flow into the tank system thus maintain or improve drilling fluid property. It can reduce drilling fluid shearing ratio speed, improve gel strength.

Shear Pump

Technical Parameter

Model JQB6x5-550 JQB6x5-370
Flow(m³/h) 155 95
Lift(M) 32 24
Motor(Kw) 55 37
Speed(RPM) 2280 1900
Weight(Kg) 965 805
DimensionLxWxH(mm) 1327x970x870 1300x970x800