Sludge Vacuum Pump / Solids Vacuum Pump

A sludge vacuum pump is a kind of high-load and strong suction vacuum conveyor also called a solids transfer pump or drill cuttings conveyor, sludge vacuum conveyor, etc. Its unique structure design enables it to work in the harshest environments with a low maintenance rate and high efficient transport of the following materials:

  • 100% solid phase materials – sand, stones, etc.
  • high specific gravity materials – solid-liquid mixture, powdery
  • high viscosity materials – oil sludge, waste mud, drill cuttings, etc.

A sludge vacuum pump contains a high-efficiency venturi device where high vacuum degrees are produced to suck the materials under the effect of strong airflow. There are almost no wearing parts in the main body of the vacuum pump. It has a compact structure and is convenient for transportation and installation.

This negative pressure solid transfer pump has a wide range of applications: such as waste slurry and drilling cuttings, mud and tail slurry, mud pit cleaning, hazardous waste recycling, oil sludge, tank bottom cleaning, bilge cleaning of transport ships, bulk tanks, and material transportation in silos, transportation of sand, fine sand and fracturing sand, powdered materials, animal manure, etc.

Working Principle

Sludge Vacuum Pump Air Suction
Sludge Vacuum Pump Suction Line
Solids Vacuum Pump Discharge Line
  • compressed air

  • in-tank air

  • sludge/solids

When the air divider generates a vacuum using the Venturi effect, low pressure will encourage the in-tank air flows in. With in-tank air flowing out, a vacuum is generated in the tank, which sucks the sludge coming into the tank by the action of atmospheric pressure. Upon completion of the suction, compressed air changes its direction and flows into the tank. While the in-tank pressure builds up, the material will be discharged out of the storage tank.

Sludge Vacuum Pump Technical Parameter

Model SVP-40 SVP-20
Max Capacity 40m³/h 20m³/h
Inlet/Outlet Diameter 4 “(114mm) 3 “(89mm)
Vacuum Degree 85Kpa/25 inch HG(Mercury Column)
Max Suction Distance 50m
Max Discharge Distance 1000m 500m
Max Solids Content 100%
Max Solids Feed 75mm 50mm
Air Pressure Required 550Kpa-785Kpa (80-114PSI) 550Kpa-690Kpa (80-100PSI)
Air Demand 17m³/min 8m³/min
Dimension 1578×1440×2030mm 1200×800×1470mm
Weight 1200kg 360kg

Sludge Vacuum Pump Benefits

  • Pneumatic work, no power supply, can meet the requirements of all explosion-proof areas