Solids Control Equipment exists in almost every liquid flow processing applications where there is a need to remove solids from liquid or remove liquid from solids, especially, in drilling fluids solids control, waste water treatment and dredging slurry applications. At H-screening, we have extensive experience in the solid-liquid separation and offer a wide range of screening, hydrocyclones, centrifuge equipment to meet your slurry separation requirement.

  • Compact Design saves space
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Durable Structure and large treating capacity
  • Custom Design available to suit different application
  • Engineers available for commissioning and training


  • Shale Shaker – Separation Particle Size: > 65μm removal
  • Desander – Separation Particle Size: > 40μm removal
  • Desilter – Separation Particle Size: > 20 microns removal
  • High Speed Decanter – Separation Particle Size: > 2μm removal
  • Middle Speed Decanter – Separation Particle Size: > 8μm removal for Barite Recovery of Weighted System”