The shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in mud circulation system. It is of vital importance to the downstream solids control efficiency, if for instant, the large solids are not properly removed by the shaker screens, it will give much burden to the desander, desiter and even do damage to the decanter centrifuge. Therefore, shaker screening performance should be increased by many ways, among which the shale shaker screen is the key factor.
If not specific drilling fluids is required by certain drilling formation, use the finest screens as possible without incurring mud carryover and the shaker to be configured in a optimum set-up condition such as deck angle, pool depth etc.

Here are some trips for shaker screen use and maintenance

Never allow torn and damaged screens to be used and replace new screens panel. Clean and repair the damaged ones if possible.
Do not clean shale shaker screens with brushes or sticks. When cleaning shaker screens today all methods include high pressure water. This is mainly because water is always available on the rigs and that it is a proven way to clean shaker screens.
The wire mesh on the screens may be damaged by hitting against something hard. Do not keep and handle the screens inappropriately.
Never by pass shale shaker unless an emergency occurs.
Make sure the shaker is in good condition, the rubber and tensioning mounts are in the place.


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