Vacuum Degasser is used to remove undesired gas from the drilling mud since the invading gases may impact mud properties, cause safety risks and affect the lifespan of down steam equipment.

It is important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity, and reducing drilling costs. In the meanwhile, an oilfield vacuum degreaser can also be used as a heavy-power agitator.

vacuum degasser

Technical Parameter

Model ZCQ270 ZCQ360
Tank Dia (mm) 920 920
Capacity (m³/h) ≤270 ≤360
Vacuum Degree (Mpa) -0.02~-0.04 -0.02~-0.04
Efficiency (%)  ≥95%  ≥95%
Main Power (Kw)  22(30HP)  37(55HP)
Rotation Speed (RPM) 700 860
Weight (Kg) 1730 1870
DimensionL×W×H (mm) 2100×1605×1729 2100×1605×1729