Vertical Cuttings Dryer

The vertical cuttings dryer is aimed to reduce the liquid content of drill cuttings which is safe to discharge to the environment or as preparation for bio-remediation. The typical discharge criteria is expressed as Oil on Cuttings (OOC) or Retained Oil on Cuttings (ROC). The criteria may be set at a local/national level by economical or legislative requirements.

The cuttings dryer can also capture and return valuable drilling fluids from the mud losses of the shakers. The returned fluids can be pumped back to the active mud system.

Cuttings Dryer Unit Cuttings Dryer Unit Self Contained Design with Pump & Buffer Tank Vertical Cuttings Dryer Assembly Assembly Vertical Cuttings Dyer
Feed Capacity30~50 TPH30~50 TPH
G’ Force420 G’s (max)420 G’s (max)
Screen Basket Diameter (max)930 mm930 mm
Screen Opening0.25~0.5 mm0.25~0.5 mm
Rotation Speed900 rpm0~900 rpm
Air Knife Input Pressure0.69 Mpa0.69 Mpa
Air Knife Input Capacity1.8 m³/m1.8 m³/m
Main Motor Power55 Kw55 Kw
Oil Pump Power0.55 Kw0.55 Kw
Flushing Pump Power3 Kw3 Kw
Explosion-proof MarkingExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEXExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX

The purpose designed cuttings dryer is an absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad. It has very strong structure and excellent separation result.  The drier is reliable and trustful for your choice of cuttings management applications.

  • “G” force of 420 G’s
  • Proprietary screen design minimizes particle plugging
  • Air knife around the unit assists in screen basket cleaning to reduce screen blinding / caking
  • Improved rotational balance minimizes wear on rotating parts and lowers noise
  • Individual oil lubrication system allows it to work in high temperature environment
  • Screw pump is used to clean the dryer unit, preventing the solids accumulations
  • Screw conveyor installed under the dryer to pick up the dry solids for continues operation

For Drill Cuttings Treatment Applications

Screw conveyors collect the drill cuttings from primary solids control equipment of drilling rig and feed into vertical cuttings dryer. The solids discharge to a collection box for further process, while the liquid flows to a high speed decanter centrifuge to recycle valuable fluid and transfer back to the active mud system.